Businesses partner with Stellar in an effort to grow. But this growth isn’t a single, discrete event. It’s an ongoing journey. Clients who choose to work with Stellar enjoy continued guidance and direction.

 As dedicated business leaders, clients approach Stellar seeking solutions to build stronger cultures, improve growth and increase value. Stellar provides answers using services that centre on a single, guiding philosophy: improving your business asset

You can learn more about Stellar’s unique approach to how they help businesses grow here.

Value-Focused, Client-Centric Services

Whole team coaching and consulting is Stellar’s principal method of unlocking potential business growth, and consultants and clients may use a number of different services to fully realise that value.












Executive Coaching


Advisory Board


A Network of Partners You Can Trust

Stellar Consulting supports businesses in whatever capacity they require. That support doesn’t always come directly from Stellar, but a network of trusted, “best of breed” professionals and services that specialise in different areas: The Stellar Ecosystem. This means clients get expert advice and assistance handling the aspects of their business that need it most.

Ecosystem Image.png

An Engagement Process Tailored for Optimal Growth

Stellar helps clients on their growth journey. When seeking to unlock that growth, consultants follow a process that puts people first, develops a resilient culture and strengthens the entire business.


Discover and Diagnose

To understand the critical elements to your business success, Stellar begins with a “deep dive” into your business and people.

  • Fact Finding

  • Diagnostics

  • Discovery Review

  • Recommendations


Project Implementation

Proven frameworks, growth-focused solutions and dedicated consultants all play their part in implementing the strategies necessary to accelerate your business growth.

  • Education and Training

  • Change Management

  • Process Implementation

  • Strategy Development

  • Review and Refine


Post Implementation

With an empowered team and proactive strategy in place, your business rapidly reaps the benefits of partnering with Stellar.

  • Better organisational communication and alignment

  • Leadership ready to manage the next growth phase

  • Improved efficiencies for expanding capacity and better bottom line

  • A business empowered to manage change and fulfil its potential

  • A team that shares a vision and is aligned in their efforts to reach it


Business Coaching for Greater Efficiencies

“Chris and his team assisted our Partners with setting up a management structure for the firm, coaching us on business cycles and identifying initiatives that helped our overall strategy and performance. As a result, we ran far more efficiently. Key

to this was assisting with aligning the Partners with one another and with the firm’s goals to create a unified approach. We have no hesitation in recommending Stellar or Chris if you need support for your business. “

A Tsirimokos, Chairman of Partners - Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers