Stellar Consulting works with passionate business owners to improve their business asset.

It’s not just the “what” that sets Stellar apart from the rest of the field, but the “how”.  

These are some of the essential elements behind the success that business leaders enjoy when they partner with Stellar Consulting.


Coaching and Consulting

Growing your business is as much about your development — and your staff’s — as any other aspect. That’s why Stellar employs a hybrid approach of consulting with a coaching “overlay”. By guiding and teaching your team as they position for further growth, you become a business not only prepared for immediate success, but a business with a solid foundation to rely on long-term.


Development for Your Business. Development for Yourself.

Some consultants aim to fix and change everything on their client’s behalf. Stellar takes a different approach – they work to teach the business both the soft and hard skills. This enables clients to grow with their business and ensures they are better positioned to manage the next phase. By coaching and developing you and your leaders — and where possible, the entire team — your business is prepared not just for the immediate phase of growth, but for the foreseeable future.


A Focus on Assets, not only Profit and Loss

The obvious focus of most business is profit and loss, yet while important, the largest gains are often found in the business asset itself. That’s why Stellar consultants look at your business with an investor focus, and aim to build your asset’s value above everything else.


Structured Sessions

All meetings are booked in advance and accompanied with agendas and necessary documents well ahead of time. This is just one of the many ways Stellar aims to instil a structured approach to your growth.


Whole Business Upskilling

Beyond your own personal development, Stellar aims to coach and upskill everyone in your business with the abilities they need to reach high performance.

That means you’re not left to upskill staff by yourself, saving you the time and effort training would normally take.


Regular Monthly Coaching

As part of a retainer arrangement, regular monthly coaching gives you the opportunity to reinforce and review what you’re learning, as well as identify new areas to build on. You can also reach your consultant at any time outside the monthly session – they are there to answer your questions and to act as your sounding board when challenges arise.  


Proven Growth Systems

With Stellar’s IP and expertise, you will access business systems and models used for short-term improvements, such as strengthening relationships with clients and suppliers. The frameworks will also help you maximise your asset's value over the coming months and years, providing a balanced mix of immediate and longer-term gains.


The “AND” Approach to Growing Business Value

When looking at how to value your business, the basic approach is to simply calculate profit × the industry benchmark multiple. That being the case, developing methods and systems that grow profit makes sense.

 What few businesses realise is that profit is just a starting point. By increasing the industry benchmark multiple, your business can unlock exponentially greater growth. There are many factors which influence this multiple, and Stellar taps into these when working to improve the value of your business.

The Industry Multiple: A Driver for Scalable Growth

If your business is currently generating a $2M profit, and the industry multiple is 3.0x, this gives your business a value of $6M. If you work to increase your profit to $3M, your business’ value grows to $9M.

However, if you were to also increase the multiple to 5x, your business would explode to a valuation of $15M.


Unrivalled Coaching

“Our experience with Chris and the team has been very positive. Chris has been

welcomed into our business as one of our team and our staff really connected with him. This made all the difference to their learning and adoption of the coaching frameworks. We have team members who’ve worked and trained all over the globe in some of the world’s most recognised organisations and they have said the coaching they’ve done with Chris was more valuable than anything else they’d experienced in their careers.”

Georg Chmiel, CEO - LJ Hooker